Every pot is unique, though this story may seem familiar.

Angel Mays is an artist in Little Rock, AR that practices in painting, drawing, illustration, graphic design and ceramics.

She started out pursuing art in Richmond Hill, Georgia around 1993 when trying to figure out what to do for a career and planning for college. She went to UGA for core classes in 1995-97, and got tied up in working and going to school, moving to Atlanta in 1999 and graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2002. Her creative talents were used primarily to keep a retail copy center's production moving overnight, making designs come to life on paper, canvas and even plastic signs from 2000-2007 in stores across north Georgia.

She moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 2006. 2007-2015 she worked mainly in graphic design and programming, producing label templates for a retail marketing company, where today she manages projects and coordinates teams doing that important and detailed work for the same company.

Still needing an outlet for the ideas that come to her freely, she stumbled across a friend's ad for ceramics classes at the Arkansas Arts Center museum school. Angel tried it and REALLY liked it; she has been working in ceramics since 2015 starting at the museum school as a work study, taking classes in handbuilding and wheel thrown pottery.

In 2018, she moved to Stuttgart, AR and to her delight there was room for a wheel and kiln. In April 2019 she began throwing in her new studio and many of the pieces in this online store are from the Stuttgart studio.
In Summer 2020, she moved back to Little Rock and has begun setting up the new studio.

--- you wanted to know about the pots?

The end result of so much work is fun casual ceramic ware
that can stand up to an oven, microwave or dishwasher.

The McArthur Park location of AAC had a gas kiln that was fired much higher (^10) than her home kiln.Limited pieces are available from those firings. The home kiln is electric and the new Riverdale AAC location is also using electric kilns, firing to ^6.

Angel uses commercially available clays and reclaimed clays for her work. Amaco food safe glazes and AAC common glazes are used for sealing the clay.

Thank you for visiting! Angel is available for questions anytime via email: