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Every pot is unique, though this story may seem familiar.

Angel Mays is an artist in Hillsboro, Oregon that practices in painting, drawing, illustration, graphic design and ceramics.

She started out pursuing art in Richmond Hill, Georgia around 1993 when trying to figure out what to do for a career and planning for college. She went to UGA for core classes in 1995-97, and got tied up in working and going to school, moving to Atlanta in 1999 and graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2002. She spent 2000-2006 working in print production sites across north Georgia.

She moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 2006. She now works for a retail solutions company that helps businesses keep their pricing and promotions up to date at the shelf.

In 2015 she joined the ceramics world, taking classes at the Windgate Art School at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts (previously Arkansas Arts Center Museum School). She worked as a work study student and is known for not being afraid to use the pugmill (machine to rework used clay). She often returned from those sessions covered in spots of recycled clay.

In September 2023, she relocated to PNW to work and play in cooler climes. Look out for her booth at local Hillsboro and Portland Oregon area events!

--- you wanted to know about the pots?

Angel uses these forms as media to express herself in clay, designing forms and their color schemes, mini landscapes, and 3D scenes. She uses a wheel to create bodies for vessels and alters them to suit the piece. She handbuilds elements to incorporate into designs, carves, and paints glazes on every piece one by one. She fires her work onsite in her private home kiln. The products made are available here on this website and in person at local events.

The end result of so much work is fun casual ceramic ware
that can stand up to an oven, microwave or dishwasher.

Angel uses commercially available clays for her work. Food safe glazes and common art glazes are used for sealing the clay.

Thank you for visiting! Angel is available for questions anytime via email:

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